Monday, February 25, 2008

Yokohama to Hakoni

Waiting for blue...a Scooter, a Harley & me
Plenty of room up the inside or outside, just watch the hook.
I've hit 3 cars in 3 months, just bounced off a bit, getting used to it really ...
A sweet little way along Ashinoko - Harkoni lake

A tidy Shed
Fuji- san down Route 134 sunday morning

Everybody sits on 40...mixing it with some stink bikes

This guy running across the road has a bike shop full of his own bikes...!
Some of the crew from Tokyo Cycle Club

Mixed Bag

Overhead Vents on this Black Beauty....

Under this road is a subway. I'm on a walkway which passes under the first level freeway, and there is one more freeway above that. Now which way shall I go? Earthquake anyone? Chech this Yokohama bike shop is has 3 levels, an escalator and more Euro bikes than a Grand Fondo!
There is about 2 k's of murals along an over head railway in Yokohama thatsworth a look.
This is whats left of the 'Dry Moat' around Odawara Castle.
It used to be deeper, have no trees and a bunch of nasty Samurai waiting on top...

Quite ! These cherry blossom trees are still asleep!
This is not looking good...!

Hot spring country...Ugawara

Push Rail headed for Gold Coast...

Urban Farming...don't you just love that ! No fence...(no convicts)
Rapongi street dining... The local over pass
There are so many different road plate I have given up taking photos of them.
Someone has done a book on them already so I'm are a few more.

How much for some pussy?

The morning view ... how many pairs of leg warmers do I have???
The start of 20k's uphill from Ugawara Does someone make a willy warmer...??

That's an 800yo temple tree
The art of T
Here's my suggestion for the Gold Coasts light rail ....a Push Train !
How eco is that ?
See the little handles on the corners, you just grab them and push like stink!
If you push really fast it should look something like this....

That's a Freeway above Route 246. And below 246 is another local road...and a railway

Pedicab plying Yokohamas reclaimed harbour area...

That a silky...