Thursday, November 27, 2008

More Deep !!

What is it that gets me about this sign?

Shimazu Port area. From here I caught a ferry across a bay to Iszu Penninsula.

2 crew, 3 wheel choks, a piece of super protective carpet, a well placed bowline and a white line...Only in Japan !!

The world game on a road plate ... only in Japan !!

Near Shimazu .... Osaka - Tokyo ride.

This Bridge comes out of a tunnel and curves around into another tunnel. What will they think of next ?

All up, 120km along the west coast of Izu and over the mountains. I think about 1500m of climb would have been the extent of it.

This section has fantastic water views of Fuji san and is quite hilly climbing in and out of small fishing villages.

Before 'the climb of the day' over Harkone Mountain there is quite a long flat section of 'city' called Numazu.

I didn't take many photos cause I was cold and tied. It was getting dark on the decent of from Harkone Mt to Odawara and my feet were frozen. So cold I went to Tenzen Onsen 5 km from home to thaw out. I could hardly walk when I took of my bike shoes my feet were so cold... It took 20minutes in the hot onsen water before I could feel my feet.
After an hour in the hot water, a couple of stouts and an artistic meal at the onsens restaurant I was feeling just beautiful. What a way to finish a ride...!

Shimazu Port

Fuji San from West coast Izu... This side of Iszu is a must ride for this view alone...

I like truth in signage !!!

Human machine interface...never felt so good!!!