Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cycle Tragic !!!

Just can't help myself .... A Cycling High Priest with bad clothing sense or just another sage?

Cannungra Outpost Cafe 7am Sunday here I come !!!!
What do you think Cloudbase ? Are you in on this one... I can see a pillion seat and pegs on this ...they'll throw there keys away and walk !!

Copper plate and Hickory, cane rims ....mmmm
Can't wait to see the patina Chip ...

Back to Japan...Shinjiku

White tyres, red lock, puke colored Fixed wheel flat bar cocktail....

No bar tape fixed wheeled coolness in ghosty silvery grey ! What Next ???

Harajiku New York styled Hipster that's what!
For the under-educated .... thats a white Aero Spoke upfront and a high profile rim anodised *blue* fixed rear with a spoke card.... Track Stand please !!!

Monster Bike outside the Fixedwheel bike shop in Harajiku ....Ironic paradox or sheer brilliance ???

White Green Red local ride in Odawara ... thank god some style has hit the joint

I'm yours...

Kerin Pro buddy overtaking me on the way up Ashigara Pass ....I stayed with him....but he was on a trak bike !!

Recent convert cutting his/her teeth, don't dispare Xmass is just around the corner

Mavic Yellow or Matillic Pink ? I cant decide ...needs a wheel rack though !!

Grey and white always go well together... who rides such a statement?

Sweet Mavic combo

Monkey territory on Shodoshima Island

Free Ferry ...

Back to more tragic stuff !!

Spoke cards high rimed colored chain masterpiece....yeh?

Seriously worked spokes highlighting a pencil thin fork line in green ...Hey I'm starting to get this fashion thing Tracy...!!!

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