Friday, December 14, 2007

Aussie Cycling Outpost - Sunny Heights

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A local Odawara Restaurant.

Unbelivable Autumn Colour has to be seen to be believed...!
The Fuel Bowser at Sunny Heights...

The view over Hakoni-Itabashi

Sunny Heights

This is the new ‘Mansion’ and my cycling ‘base camp’ in Japan. Mansion is what you call a unit or apartment here… It’s probably a sarcastic label that stuck from the strong western influence on many things Japanese. It’s located in Hakoni-Itabashi, a suburb of Odawara.
Odawara is a castle city <1500’s> that guards the south eastern coastal edge of the Kanto Plains which is now covered by greater Tokyo. Odawara city centre and Castle sit within 2 km of the start of the Izu Peninsular which is covered in mountains of about 1000m right to the oceans edge. Hakoni-Itabashi is in those initial foothills so I have a choice to ride mountainous coastal Izu which means at least one 1000m climb or head out onto the Kanto plains which is all traffic… That being said the traffic is slow and well behaved. Mostly I travel faster than the traffic but slower than the bullet train!

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