Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ride This !

Here are a few ride photos of the Izu area.
HotMix everywhere...wish you were here!

Take 135 !
High up Hakoni Mountain

The long building in the top left of this pic is Sunny Heights.

Odawara is famous for manderins amongst other things...They are every where. You can buy a tree, put your name on it, and come each year and pick the fruit...
Smooth.... Sweet...
Alpine Izu road at 900m's This is not typical of mountain roads around here's stright ! Its more like one of the toll roads that skip acroos the tops of the mountains...

Fuji-san from the alpine rd.
Each year in June there is a 2000m something Fuji Mt Hill Climb which gets over a 1000 riders...
Izu coast line.

West coast Izu has 'good' views of Fuji-san
Nice little coastal village on the west coast of Izu. This is a popular kayaking spot...I wonder why?
20% but worth it..!
There is always another level. Life around here is vertical as much as horizontal...

Can't help myself....What a beast of a scooter ! We're talking seriously long and low !

This matalic pink piece of art lives at Sunny Heights. There's obviously people with good taste living here..!


Koichi.HMB said...

Welcome to JAPAN!
Welcome to Cycling Paradise!

How about the Cycling Japan?
IZU is very very very steep Rd.!!!
Very steep Rd. is called "GEKIZAKA".
It's a Holiday! Have a nice day!

Trev said...

Hi Gus.

Great photos, looks as if you would have been making the most of that triple ring! I think I'm going to have to do some serious hill work around here before you get back, because I'd hate to think you might be able get to the top before me now!!!! Mate.
I hope you've found some chains for your rear wheel so you can still get out when things freeze. Wouldn't like to see you sampling all that food and not having any way of burning it off.

Keep the photos comming.

Gus said...

Hello Trevor,

The Triple is 'required' equipment for riding around here....I recon you should do some serious hill work HERE! real soon!