Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Back Again ! This time for an extended stay...

What a country!

The drive from Narita International Airport to the western side of Tokyo where I am staying is still a mind blowing experience for me.
I just can’t compare the complexity and order to any other city I’ve been to.

We started off from Narita Airport heading in the most direct route which was SW around Tokyo Bay but the Navi on the kneeling bus told the driver that a 12 km traffic jam laid reroute so a detour was made across the middle of Tokyo Bay!

The Aqua Line FWY consists of a bridge that boldly heads out one third of the way into Tokyo Bay to a large multistory building then disappears under the water into a tunnel for what seems like an eternity then turns up at Yokohama.

If this feat of engineering doesn’t get your head shaking or camera clicking, the two super modern, twin tower suspension bridges, and the views across Yokohama Harbor, giant Farris wheel and monumental skyline architecture should do the trick…!

Engineering feats like this in Japan are many. The multistory FWY system when you get off these structures in Yokohama and many, many others like them will deify any urban experience you’re likely to have had… At one stage the FWY was 5 stories above street level with several elevated FWY’s below going in all directions! From past experiences there could be several layers of complexity going on underground also…!

Coming into Osaka I once past through a multi story building on an exit ramp off one of these elevated FWY’s. It was about the same height off the ground as this set up here in Yokohama…! Yes that’s right…the exit ramp went straight through the bloody high-rise, five floors of the ground…!!

Now I know urban density like this will sound like a nightmare to many of us but this is where the inherent order of this uncharacteristic Asian country makes every thing seem OK.
It is just one of the many amazing experiences to be had when you decide to visit Japan.

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