Friday, December 21, 2007

Mixed Bag

Tokyo subway
Tickets please
Heres the shoe thing... slippers for the pisser...
Vegies just around the corner from Sunny Heights
Community vegi gardens are popular. You can rent a plot from the council for about $60 a year...
The beach front at Odawara. Don't think they would get away with a motorway like that along the Gold Coast...!
Sunset at Sunny Heights
Looking up the valley to Hakoni. There will be snow up there in the next few I game enough to go for a ride ....?
Odawara Station
There is 'train spoting' and now there is 'road plate spoting'. These little beauties are different in each area...

One of the trains where you get to see down the tracks. Some Izu trains have seating that face sideways to see the views along the coast...
Quite run along 136 ...looks worse than it is. The traffic has good manners here!
Well... are you going to get in??? Or are you going to keep riding...?
Quick mate, grab a wheel...!
I've smoked some weird stuff in my day... but Eggs !

Here's a little elevated HWY with some vegies growing below it. Not sure about he arch, but it looks good... Don't ya just love the thrill of spotting another 'Road Plate'

Tunnells you got to learn to love'm...

Curly potatoe anyone ?

Restaurant shop front
Fe Art at Kamakura...
Shedism? well it's covered in a kind of mini-orb ..metal sheet.
The Hex bit is the surgery... plenty of natural light...I wonder if they get a crowd on theater days?

Shedism ? This is the stables of the Odawara Castle...Haven't managed to get a shot of it yet...stay tuned...
A foot bridge over the moat ...
Another shop front...
Another shop front.

Nice unit... do they come with rooftop bike racks ?

Guess whats on special at the local 'super'
Train Spotting..
More shop fronts...

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