Friday, December 14, 2007

Show Time !

I went to the Tokyo Cycle Show, Tokyo Motor Show and the Yokohama Custom Rod and Bike Show... Unbelievable ...

The Campaign Girls were great!

The Motor show was great till I went to the Cycle Show, and the Cycle Show was fantastic till I went to the Custom Rod Show !!!

I know what I will do with my spare time when I get to old to pedal. I'll throw a leg over a fully stretched, long, low and narrow Hog !

So I’m not a cycling tragic after all…!

Fixed wheel flat bars are 'IN' all though you don't see many around Izu..!!!

Plenty of flat bar Hybreds
The Cycle Show had several ride testing tracks that were packed all the time....
This is the line up to test the Colnargo of your choice...

Another nice looking set up.

This machine should have been at Yokohama !

Sorry about the pic quatity, I was using my phone ...on a close-up setting ! Its a shame I took lots of pic and these machines were so Sweet!

A Japanese hand made sports car.
This unit has bike racks that cantilever out through the wing doors. Does it come in electric?

Tokyo Cycle Mode ...Don't touch Arie's machine !! Or Linda will get you a kidney punch !

Down Town Tokyo Fashion Statement! white

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