Monday, December 17, 2007


I had a good 3+1/2hr run this morning up a mountain in the direction of Fuji-san….If I could read Japanese I could tell you the name of it. I think it was Oyama on route 78...
Its was another honest '700somethingmeter' climb over a range that spurs of Hakoni.
And at the top …Bam! Fuji-san just hits you like a shock wave….! That’s some mountain!
Mt. Fuji was just across a valley from where I was…I’m getting closer…but the snow is moving down it’s slopes…so spring will be the time to have a real go at it…The Fuji road ends at the 'Fifth Station' at about 2000m which is twice as high as I have ever climbed on a bike in one go….then there is another 1000m walk if you want to get to the top !

A flast sign showing the way to Hakoni which is a ride for another day.
I will make a loop out of that one because Hakoni is at the top of the valley that Sunny Heights peers up at...!

That's 8C at the bottom of the climb!


Koichi.HMB said...

Fuji-san is very beautiful in winter.
and...Very cold is Cho~Samui!dayo...

Gus said...

Hello Koichi-san,
Thanks for visiting this blog.
I will visit you in the New Year...I working on how to get across Tokyo with out getting lost on the train...