Saturday, December 15, 2007

'Buy pizza not petrol'

Food is everywhere in Japan.
Food culture is highly important to the Japanese.

Every night on TV there are hours and hours of documentaries on places and food…! It is truly mind boggling! If you watched the amount of stuff that’s on TV every night about food you could get a diploma.

A lot of this food is associated with accommodation and hot springs. But that's another story...

This set cost $8.50 it's a deep fried chicken and vegi dish made with a brown sugar soy sauce.
Here's some shots from Japanese bakeries and cake shops... what can I say... resistance is futile !

Supermarkets and department stores have a large variety of ‘ready to eat’ foods as well as the usual stuff you’d expect to find…
These are all crumbed croquette's! Pumpkin, Tuna, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Corn, Crab, Prawn, Sweet Potato, Etc...
Japanese don't use the decimal point so 198 is about $1.98 AUD ...

Elbow room only in the imported food shop.

Heres the pickle section, just starting to get my head around them...
These are all mushrooms. Great food and cheap...Sauted mushrooms

This box of fruit is $66.00 !

But it will tast like no other fruit you have ever had...!

I buy apples at about $1.80 each, which is expensive by Aust standards. I have never had such apples...they have a beautiful nectar in the centre.

Eating out is common place. Some apartments don’t have kitchens cause it easer and just as cheap to eat out… The Japanese work late. It’s not unusual to find most businesses still open at 9pm…Typically a 12hr day is common. This must also have something to do with why so many people eat out…

There are many relatively cheap restaurants…A ‘hole in the wall’ type restaurant will set you back about $12 to $15 for several dishes which come as a ‘set’.
In some working class restaurants you can have a set for around $6 to $8 …!
Of course it is very possible to spend
every much more than this….
Here's a cheap restaurant with a ticket system
which makes it easy to get what you want.
You slot in some Yen and press a button and give the ticket to the cook and Bingo! Within 2-3 minutes you have a 'set'... This set cost around $5.50

This set cost $7something...and was a real life saver after my first climb in the mountains...


Koichi.HMB said...

Japan is Sweet cakes and Manjyu paradise!
Have you already found it...?
Did you like it? I have sweets every day(;^^)ゞ

Gus said...

It might be Sweet Cakes riding in Ibaraki, but its definitely HOT Curry riding down here in IZU...!